Potty Training....times THREE

So as a potty training expert now (totally kidding) I have now successfully potty trained

not 1,

not 2, BUT 3 toddlers!!!

Round of applause please, this is kinda sorta, a huge deal.

Not only does having Irish Twins, aka kids born less than 1 year apart (333 days or 10 months 29 days in our case), that means we have been buying BULKS of diapers for TWO babies/ toddlers for years now.... four long years of walks down every diaper aisle at every store. Diaper genies. I did the fancy diaper subscription to the "natural diapers" with the cute prints on them, for both kids- for while...BTW new moms (its not worth it LOL).

My tips?

None. Zero. Ziltch.

Every kid is different. Im sure you have heard all the ideas from websites, family, friends, judgey neighbors, or even strangers.

Trust your gut. You know YOUR kid best.

It'll happen, eventually- I Promise.

No one goes to college wearing diapers, breathe & pour yo' self a drink mama- Cheers!

:::meanwhile moon mamas::::

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