How I Became an Emergency Foster Mom

So today I became a Foster Mom...

yeah... this was NOT our plan.

My plan, because you know I am a major planner, like I plan my plans you know?

I planned my college major in 5th grade. I planned my wedding in high school. I met my husband when I was 18, we started dating at 20, and by 25 I could tell you how many kids we were going to have and their names. I just plan. It's what I do. It's who I am. It is my nature. I don't fight it anymore (and neither does my husband, lol hello six years of marriage okayyy).

So I have 2 of my 4 (planned) children currently.

I, of course, have planned the next two, their birth months and genders, by I digress....

My husband and I have discussed adopting... in the future and left that discussion there.

Except, well, you know life loves to have a good laugh at my (plans) expense, and so just as we were closing in on baby number three next year... a phone call came that sent us a major curve ball.

Without giving away too much information, to respect the child and protect his safety, I'll just say that through less than desirable circumstances he was taken away from one of my family members through an emergency CPS situation and after a whole night not knowing where he was-

the worst night ever-

we got up and at it this morning calling every number we could find for information and help. I left messages at every local agency leaving my information and praying that somehow he would make his way back to us and not end up in "The System."

Having over seven years studying psychology getting my B.A. and M.A. in Psychology I have heard too many stories and ready too many books about the horrors of foster care to ever want this sweet little two year old to end up there.

Thank God, after hours we got ahold of his social worker and after leaving messages for her she got back in touch with me.

She let me know what this process entailed, I had no idea it was so complex, and asked if I could take it on.

I thought about the fact that run a business, sit on the board of a local nonprofit that I have weekly commitments to, have two toddlers, just joined MOPS, am writing a book, and have an insanely jam packed schedule (seriously my planner is blocked out until late September with birthdays, work events, trainings, parties, weddings, and so on...) and without hesitation said "Definitely, of course."

After a phone interview, paperwork, more phone calls, more paperwork, a home check my Family Services, E* was brought to us with so much as an extra diaper.

I ran and embraced him in the biggest hug, I cant imagine how scared he was to be alone last night...

He gave me a giant smile and ran off to play with my kids, two of his best friends.

The social worker smiled at me and gave a gentle nod signaling that it was all okay, we made it.

I signed a few papers committing to court dates, counseling, and visitation with his parents...

...about that schedule, about all those plans...

so yes, this is my new normal.

This is my new view....stay tuned for updates...

Another phase, another phase-

...Meanwhile Moon Mamas

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