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Hola Moon Mamas,

Happy New Year! I hope you had a blast ringing in this new year and don't have too bad of a headache while reading this- haha...

I brought in the New Year on East Coast time here on the West Coast and happily was fast asleep by midnight here in California. I cannot function without at least 5-6 hours and not very nicely unless I have 7 hours or more and so my family & I LOVE to sleep and know better than to wake mama.

I seriously am blessed with super sleepers though. Since 12 weeks they both magically began 12-15 hour stints of through the night sleeps and my quality of life (motherhood) has only gotten better since then.

I am off to donate some clutter that I have been meaning to get rid of, and some that I have been holding on to for no reason in particular and now have the reason- The New Year- to truly say, if it hasn't been used or worn, it's gotta go.

The New Years brings back into focus priorities and goals, personal or professional or both, to sort through and settle into.

I am excited as I find myself challenged to do something new in my writing ventures for the year. I have some great and exciting new opportunities for publishing and writing for other major mom-sites. I am thrilled.

But as I venture into these New opportunities I want to stay focused on what my main goal was/is when I began this blog, on what my intentions were and still are, for myself in sharing but also for you all...

I have been collecting and writing about these "Uncomfortably Honest Truth-filled Tales of My Journey through Motherhood," on here and privately and as I narrow them down and edit through them I will share more and more here as a snippet of what is hopefully my new book in this new year-

fingers crossed...

I hope you all take a moment to re-focus, re-center, and challenge yourself to something scary//adventurous//new in these next 365 days---

Let's see what fun we find ourselves into this year...

And if you have any uncomfortably honest stories to tell about your journey through motherhood to share, comment below- the more stories the better for us all.

Until next time-

Meanwhile Moon Mamas...

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