Judgey Strangers


How’s it going? Hope you’re hanging in there the holidays are such a tough time for most families. 

Although it’s such a happy and joyous time of celebration it also causes an abundance of stress as families try to financially cover the month’s extras expenses while managing longer hours at work and battling colds and flus all the while. 

It’s tough. 

You know what makes it even tougher. Strangers judging you while you juggle your twins running errands. 

Or while you are at the park where they take turns running into traffic and into the men’s restroom. Or at the post office while you’re just trying to send out Christmas cards to hold a semblance of holiday normalcy while your home feels like a mad house. 

Kudos to the strangers who felt the need to make snarky comments to me or rude stares in my direction. Oh definitely to the lady at the post office today who looked at the chaos and commotion that is normal to me while running errands and said in a pitiful voice, “it gets easier.” And to my mail lady who tried to tell my husband that we need to keep better watch of our 3 year old.

[insert sarcasm here]

Thank you. 

Those kind comments really help.

(I may have left her a note in my mailbox regarding her comments today & called her supervisor 🖕🏼)

I know for myself, I usually put my health at the very end of the totem pole. 

The kids come first and then there is my husband who tries his best, but no doubly adds to the stress in other ways instead of alleviating life’s other burdens. His mighty efforts are not lost on me but what’s that saying??

“When you want something done right, do it yourself.” 

Yeah that. 

So when he comes home from working a long day and I’m exhausted from being outnumbered by 2 energy filled toddlers and need a break it’s a toss up who gets the break in the bedroom and who tames the beasts. That alone is stressful. 

So when you see an exhausted Mom speaking to her toddlers in an exasperated tone of voice or letting them run wild after waiting patiently in line for 15 minutes, don’t judge. Don’t even comment. Just smile. 

Just nod a quick acknowledgement her direction that says without speaking: “yea, I’ve been there, hang in there. I get it. ”

The comments, the looks, the judgments around motherhood really need to end this generation because they serve no point besides to induce shame and guilt, and god damn it we get enough of that from ourselves. 

Most mom’s harshest critic is herself. 

We really don’t need you chiming in. 

And if you do, be prepared for a war of words because a sleep deprived mom at her wits end is just waiting to let it go on someone.

Don’t let that someone be YOU. 


Stay thoughtful,

Meanwhile Moon Mama

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