New Moon- Those Moon Phases

Moon Mamas,

I have been a bit MIA and feeling super anxious and guilty about it.

But, as the universe would have it, I was sent a sign to stop it- knock it off-give myself a break...

I feel like the universe is always sending us signs and if we just stop. Relax. Look around. The signs usually are right there.

So as it goes, I was hurriedly checking through my email inbox one morning while trying to get the twins ready for the day and myself and the house in order and well, a thousand other things; when my eyes fell upon an email from Oprah/ Deepak Chopra's Meditation Center reminding me and inviting me back to their seasonal 30 day mediation program. I sighed, yet another thing I was falling behind on or hadn't kept up with.

But, I knew I needed the mental break and well I clicked that email, signed up, and jumped right back in.

It felt AMAZING.

If you haven't tried meditation you need to ASAP. I was a skeptic too but is the easiest, fastest way to feel instant relief when the overwhelming anxiety sets in. It works, it just does, trust me.

Of course as fate, the universe, would have it the subject of the whole 30 day meditation- time.

I almost laughed out loud. This was the exact thing I was struggling with. Staying afloat. On top of it all.

Adulting is hard. Parenting is hard. Managing schedules for 4 people is hard. And so yes there have been things I have fallen behind on and haven kept up with as I had planned. But there also have been things that I have kept up with and pretty well. There are curve balls that have been thrown in my way and I dodged them and avoided them and overcame them.

And so yes, my goal list wasn't completely checked off for 2017 but I think the universe is trying to tell me thats ok. I think the universe is trying to tell me -through Deepak, through friends and family and timehop via Facebook seeing my babies grow so freaking fast,

"don't worry so much about time..."

Relax. Be Patient. And Sparkle...

Thanks for sticking with me through yet another moon phase or a few---

...Meanwhile Moon Mamas...

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