coming up on one year as a SAHM

I have been so inspired to write lately, however there is NEVER ENOUGH TIME!!!

Oh man, I know it is said too often from the mouths of mothers everywhere, but I am so serious when I say that it is usually between sleeping, eating, or having time alone-

The kids are napping?

My husband is home?

It is the weekend?

We have a babysitter?

JUST KIDDING!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA What's that? This has NEVER happened (minus grandparents twice while kids slept)

But really- if I have a choice to step away, it is either sleep? eat? or do something for me? EAT or SLEEP always win... (sorry guys- insert guilt here)-

But between group texts (they're the best) and managing my IG, my kids IG (@ropluscoco) & my @meanwhile moon mama IG- I am a busy mom!!!

Did I mention that I started a co-op preschool with my mom friends & joined the executive board of a non-profit?

Yea, so time....

I am writing a post about what I have learned in one full year as a SAHM but for now I just want to shout out the support system that kept me sane (most days)- my mom friends.

Back to reflecting on my first year since I quit my full time job, this last year was a huge shift for me.

I have been working since I was 15 with a work permit minus a few years here and there, so NOT working has been hard for me.

It was difficult to not feel completely self reliant and not to have alone time, whether it be conferences, business lunches, or just small talk with co-workers, I went from adult communication and companionship for eight hours a day fifty two weeks a year, to ZERO. Yep, nada.

So I upon reflection I HAD to step back to say,

It took two years of searching and wondering and being lonely and isolated but I am so grateful to be able to say that today,

I have never felt so completely uplifted, loved, and supported as I have since becoming a mother.

The group of moms that I have found, in real life, also virtually on IG/FB, have continuously uplifted me, encouraged me, and supported me, no matter how crazy my ideas have seemed or his silly my opinion may be.

I have never felt belittled- neither my ideas nor my feelings.

My mom friends have only found ways to make my dreams bigger, better, and more possible.

On my more difficult days as a SAHM they have been there to shoot hilarious quotes and memes at me until I broke a smile. Or my online mom friends have send me a small mom package of mom gear to my doorstep to make my week a little brighter. Such acts of kindness and generosity without asking for anything in return, that supply of

powerful, supportive, love, and encouragement of and from women uplifting women…

That is why I love these online communities of women where we help each other BUILD- build ourselves, our businesses, our families, our hobbies, and our support system.

I suppose if you have a physical real life best friend, mom, sister, grandmother, aunt, fill in the blank with your family member here… such virtual online relationships may not seem so meaningful to you...

But for those of us who don't have any of those people in our lives, let me be the voice that just says a very meaningful "thank you."

you ladies are what saved me...

:::meanwhile moon mamas:::


waning and waxing, ebb and flow,

ever-changing and evolving self,

and so mamas this is why I chose the moon.

we are all changing, we are all evolving, everyone of us, every day, so try to not be too hard on yourself, tomorrow is a new day.

You will be more evolved, more changed, in a new transition


until then moon mamas

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