Olive wood Spring Social

This weekend I had the opportunity to take a kid-free(!!!) day to myself and head down to Fallbrook, near San Diego, to spend the day creating with one of my favorite makers, Julia Wood from Olivewood Designs.

I first met Julia at a GypsyzRoad Show event and then began following her Instagram and Facebook. I adore her sweet family, which we get to sieve insta-stories, and all of her beautiful handmade pieces that are created with such passion. I love Julia's eye for design, it is a true blessing and gift that she then gifts the rest of us with by sharing it with us all. I have ordered from Julia online during her crazy restocks (things go fast, like sell out in a few minutes), but my favorite way to shop her pieces is in person so I was thrilled to meet up with her again, earlier this year during Junk In The Trunk in Pomona. I picked up a few pieces again and I swear people were trying to buy them off me on my walk back to my car! So it's not surprising to find out that Joanna Gaines, yes THEE fixer-upper queen herself Joanna Gaines, is an Olivewood fan.

I have loved seeing all of Olivewood's successes this year from a magazine feature to starting their dream home and retiring her hubby from his corporate job, their business has just been on fire. The best thing about it, I think, is that it all stems from the love of others who find Olivewood pieces, fall in love, share it friends who then share it with friends and so on- they have never paid for advertising, ever. Julia continues to be such a source of inspiration to me, both as a creater and as wife and as mother, with her creative spirit and loving heart, she sprinkles her happiness all over. Julia always had a smile on her face and seems to have the rare ability to see and appreciate the blessings that continue to be all around her and almost be in awe of her own success at times. If you read this blog you know I find it important for women to support other women, especially mamas, so it was a no-brainer when I heard about the Olivewood Spring Social that I HAD to go. Yet another wonderful trait about Julia is that she loves to SHARE her gifts, she actually teaches us how she creates her magical works of art and encouraged us all through out the process, even we while we were doubting our own abilities Julia would tell us, "you need to love your sign!" and "no one will notice that, I promise, only you!"

And in the end she was so right. I never thought I could pull off one her fancy works of art, but with her help, I did, and I LOVE it.

Until the next one, xo-

Keep lifting each other up, there's enough room here for all us to succeed- I promise.

::::meanwhile moon mamas::::

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