Turkey Dogs- Thanksgiving Food

Thanksgiving Turkeys

These fun food turkeys are quick just so easy to make for your family and friends-

Turkey Dogs

Ingredients: Hotdogs, pretzels, ketchup, mustard Using a knife, make a slit into the middle of the hotdog, place 1-2 pretzels inside to look like feathers. Using mustard for eyes and ketchup for beak and gobble (snood)

Mallow Turkeys


Marshmallows, candy corn, red icing-

Place 3 candy corns *rotating feather colors, around one side of the marshmallow-

on the side cute off the point side of a candy corn to use as a beak and using the red icing attach it to the front of the marshmallow. You can either buy candy eyes or using a toothpick and chocolate icing poke in eyes into the marshmallow. Using a toothpick and red icing create little gobbles (actually called snoods see) under the beaks.

My kids loved them and gobbled them apart to eat in seconds (pun intended).

They are cute and easy!

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