About a month ago my wanderlust got to me and I just had to plan a trip somewhere, anywhere, new.

I call this getting itchy feet.

I just needed to get away, get a change go scenery, and e x p l o r e.

I've always been like this.

Sometimes in high school I would just take off to the beach or drive around LA in circles.

Maybe it is a Pisces thing. I don't know. But it is definitely a wanderlust thing.

So, this time I went searching on airlines websites and it wasn't long until my eye caught a flight to Portland.

The Pacific North West will always hold a special place in my heart. It is where I spent a lot of time as a child. My only family member in the country was my mother's sister who lived outside Seattle until I was in fifth grade. I spent countless holidays and school breaks at her house. We would fly up without a return ticket and stay for weeks. It was so much fun.I can still remember how it smelled. I could draw the blueprints right now. It is just ingrained in me. Their house was in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but endless trees surrounding us.

I remember her backyard didn't have fences it just went on...

I never really thought about how much time I spent there until she told us she was putting her house up for sale and moving to Portland, I was crushed. I loved that house.

So I guess PNW reminds me of a safe, calm, serene time in my childhood, and so I felt a urge to take my littles.

I found an amazing flight deal and then booked a rental car along with 2 car seats because I cannot even deal with bringing or handling another piece of luggage when traveling with toddlers (MAJOR shout out to the parents who haul their carseats though the airport to the dreaded gate check).

Then I made the best decision ever- to forgo our usual hotel routine-sometimes with adjoining rooms because we like to stay awake past 7pm, like until 11pm, so getting two rooms is also advisable with traveling with littles- and try AirBnB.

I know I am late to the party with not trying AirBnb until now but I love hotels.

That was until I had kids. Now, they are germ ridden, accident awaiting, death traps with no privacy.

I found a quant little house that to me was quintessential PNW home.

I booked it and never looked back.

The House

For the price of one small, dirty, possibly loud hotel room we got a 2 bedroom home with a big bathroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen. We did multiple louds of laundry. And instead of washing baby bottles in the bathroom, super clean I know, I had a kitchen to wash and dry them in. I made breakfast each morning and brownies after dinner, partially because I was cold but also, brownies need no excuse.

Must See:

Powell Books

Washington Square Park

Voodoo Donuts

Stump town Coffee- appropriately next door to donuts

Burnside Bridge- its called bridge city for a reason, but this is my fave

SuBe Sushi

Flying Pie Pizza

Next Time:

Seahorses- Dad runned coffee spot/ retail shop with a play for kids to play!

Children's Museum

Japanese Garen- it was under construction!

Traveling with kids

1-Bring snacks- so many! More!

2-Bring electronics -just give in

3-Bring Benadryl-both to keep the kids drowsy and in case the cabin pressure hurts their ears

4-Bring a crunchy snack or bottles to suck on during take off & landing -Roman cried once for this reason, it was so sad.

5-Bring headphones- for you and for them

6-Bring a plastic grocery bag or large Ziploc bag for potential poopy diapers to contain the stank

The slept like this the whole time- they loved sleeping together. Our first time in 2 1/2 years traveling without a portable crib/ pack n play...freedom!

The littles and I made the best of the rainy weather (we almost got snow!), but we realized we are way too SoCal for that wintery cold.

We love to visit though, until next time Bridge City-

Stay Weird

::::meanwhile moon mamas::::

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