My Double Wide aka Double BOB review

My of choice Stroller for Twins

Having "Irish" twins (aka babies less than 12 months apart, in my case 10 months and 3 weeks but who is counting right?!) means that you absolutely must have a double stroller. It is an absolute essential to you living life outside of your house which you will need to get out of, as impossible and exhausting of a process as it may seem, in order to keep to your sanity- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pros-

  • Comfort- your kids will be comfortable- there is adequate room for them, even my giant children who are both in the 95 percentile for their ages

  • There is adequate ventilation and visibility for you to keep an eye on them while walking or jogging

  • It folds up into a relative small space and fits into my SUV trunk, albeit it takes up about half the trunk. When we go on out 8 hour road trips to visit family we barely make it with our suit cases diapers, toys, plus this beastly stroller.

  • It is safe- my goodness it is sturdy and can take a hit, crash, slam into anything- lets just say trust me with this fact...

  • You WILL fit through any basic size doorway- I know it looks wide, but I have fit through small doctors offices, apartment buildings, and small shop doors- if the door way is wide enough for a wheel chair which legally all public spaces should be- than you will fit with the BOB.

  • Storage- this stroller holds everything you need- 2 cup holders for those sip cups, 2 back of chair netting pouches hold jackets, blankets, misc. toys, under stroller storage is sturdy and holds bags, water jugs, all your heavy stuff. I have stuffed this stroller to the brim at amuse parkas and airports and can vouch it holds more than you can imagine


  • It is heavy- I am a little over 100 lbs and 5'2- this is a struggle to get into your car if you are not in shape. I am in the best shape of my life, go figure after having kids, but for the first time I have arm muscles and it only from lifting my 2 toddlers and this giant stroller

  • The price- it is about $700- I got mine off craigslist and even scored a Black colored one- I am not a fan of bright orange/green/red stroller but if you are those are cheaper and easier to find used online.

***Remember-- side by side is BEST for children close in age, in side by side they cannot kick each other- or throw toys at each other (at least not very well in strapped in). If your kids are 4 years apart or more in age than yes, consider front/back strollers but if they are say twins, than do not even bother

  • Not a con but a consideration- you will still want a stroller clip/bag holder/ carabiner to hold your purse, shopping bags, diaper bag, and all the other stuff you will somehow accumulate and need tote around *** NOTE- if you hang bags off the stroller with a bag clip, remember that when the kids come out and weight re-distributes the stroller will tip over/ fall over if not properly weighted (this obviously has never happened to me in public with an iced coffee in cup holder making a huge scene or anything)

whatever you choose mamas, I know you will make it work- we ALWAYS do-

::::meanwhile moon mamas::::

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