Gypsy Road Show- My Etsy Heaven on Earth

Gypsy Road Show- My Etsy Heaven on Earth

I am a little too excited to be writing this post. But, I am a self-admitted Etsy addict and real life Etsy home decorator (its a thing I just decided), so when I heard Gypsy Road Show was coming to my local mall I was thrilled! I convinced the husband to keep #1 here since he is in his terrible 2s, see previous post- and just #2 and I headed out to explore the great big Etsy world just her and I. I rarely take just 1 twin out at a time, so she was more than a little weirded out about being alone in the backseat (PS- Moms with singletons- 1 carseat is a thing? OMG---the endless grocery bag storage options...sigh). I sang to her and made sure to keep the car ride as normal as possible by going through an obligatory trip through Starbucks drive-thru, it was about her, really. I thought parking might be hectic but I found a quick parking spot close by and with a SINGLE stroller (as opposed to my wide-load double BOB, I do loveeee my BOB though) it was a breeze unloading. Plus I had my super cute It Takes A Village tote to carry all my new treasures home in. I pulled behing a family of 4 also with a stroller. They gave me quick, unfriendly glances (did my messy mom bun really look that bad?) and turned back around to chat amongst themselves. Great, I though, I'm stuck behind these ladies. I checked my phone, I was annoyed at myself for not getting there earlier like I planned. It was getting hot and the line was long and hardly moving. I wished I would have gotten an iced coffee. I checked my phone again, seeing if any of the Etsy shops I followed were posting anything about their booths. I didn't see much action and silently hoped the line would hurry up just a little bit. Just then this woman and her daughter came up to me, I figured to ask what this random long line at the mall on a Saturday morning was, she didn't though. She leaned in, slid her wrist band my way and whispered, "Here-do you want this? You can just put it on and go to the front, that way you don't have to wait in line." She took a glance at my stroller and my baby girl, I smiled at her bewildered and stunned. Where did this angel come from? The unfriendly women in front of me were now looking back at me, more unfriendly than ever. Just as quickly as she appeared that woman was gone. I wished I would have said more to her than just a hushed, "yes, thank you." But that was all I could muster out at that moment. I was taken aback by her kindness and quick thinking. She didn't have to do that. I felt like those women were about to say something or tell on me so I quickly slid the wristband on and hurried past the line. Ok, sorry maybe I cut and I'm sorry to those who waited. But I was alone, per usual, with my baby and on a time crunch (husband had to work this afternoon for a few hours), plus I knew I was going to spend some serious money here I thought to myself to subside the guilty voice. Gulp. I took off into my wonderland and it was wonderful. Full of sweet treats, farmhouse signs, SHIPLAP, home decor, bar necklaces, and baby clothes -my guiltiest of pleasures. I couldn't go as crazy as I wanted because we have family Christmas photos tomorrow and I just bought new outfits for those, not to mention the babies Dr. Seuss bonanza last month plus a little holiday known as CHRISTMAS is approaching like rapidly. So yes, I held major self restraint and only shopped for what I reallllllllywanted. Until the next pop-up shop anyways! I wish I could have shopped every booth but I ran out of time- I took me awhile to realize there were booths inside too- I spent most of my time outside. Check out my finds, click below to see with links to shop! FAVORITE FINDS-

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