today I quit my job...

Oh shit. I just did it. Yep, just hit SEND on the email that is going to change everything...going forward I no longer am a full time working mom. I am now a Stay At Home Mom.

That email just made that happen. Oh shit.

Let me back up.

Hi, so until this very moment I was a married mom of twins- Irish twins (more difficult than "real" twins?) who worked full time. Life was becoming unbearable in that overwhelmed can't breathe, things are unbalanced and something has to give, kind of way. And so, today I quit my job.

I am not going to lie I have been contemplating this for awhile. But, I think most working moms fantasize about the SAHM life and spend their work days, the rough ones anyways, plotting their escape and trying to figure out how much money they r e a l l y need to live, I mean, not buying work clothes and eating lunch at home for once will save money right? Those Target runs will be budgeting now, promise.

Well follow my journey on here as I start this new adventure in my life.

Goodbye business self, hello full time Mom self...

....oh God, what have I done.

stories to follow.

::::meanwhile moon mamas::::

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